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SUE HARRIS PUPPETS understands the necessity of providing material appropriate for and relevant to the primary school curriculum. With this in mind, we have produced shows in accordance with curriculum standards. Any show can be confidently utilised to support and reinforce areas of your existing program. Teacher notes are also available for each show. Every Sue Harris Puppets show comprises five or more colourful puppet pieces on a theme, many using little or no dialogue, relying on music, movement and gesture to convey ideas, feelings and actions. As the performance unfolds, we encourage staff to verbally guide children through the action, allowing observation, anticipation and discussion within the peer group. We use this interactive approach to present the show's concepts and themes at the children's level. Rather than being passive observers, they become active participants in the experience, inquiring, discriminating and drawing their own conclusions from what they are seeing. In this way the performance becomes a valuable learning experience that supports and reinforces the desired learning outcomes.

We can either suggest an existing show or draw on pieces from many different shows to create a presentation specific to your theme.

Below is a list of the shows that are available for primay school audiances:

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We travel around Australia and explore Rainforest, Desert, Coast, Forest & Bush - home to some amazing puppet creatures. This show demonstrates the diversity of our land and care for our environment. Includes glove, rod, mouth, shadow and Bunraku-style puppets and a chant to help us along the way.

Aussie Adventures Aussie Adventures Aussie Adventures

Our fabulous puppets explore and interpret the world of music.  Movement is paramount.  From classical to modern.  Music can be serious.  Music can be fun.  Music can evoke different emotions.  Music can tell a story.  There is music all around us.  A look at music through the eyes of puppets.

Music, Music, Music

Japanese style Bunraku, Indonesian Wayang Kulit (shadow) and Golek (rod) puppets, Indian string and Chinese glove puppets are performed. Others from Nepal, Taiwan, Burma, Vietnam, Bali & Thailand are all demonstrated. A feast of Asian puppet culture to support Asian studies.

Enter the magical yet fragile underwater world of the Leafy Sea Dragon to learn more about our Marine Emblem of South Australia. We also take a broader look at ocean and coast as we go on a "Beach Walk". This show combines stunning puppets and puppetry for a visual feast. Theme: Caring for our oceans, coast and beaches. The shadow puppets and Leafy Sea Dragon story have been performed with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in their Primary Proms Concert.

Turn The Tide

A fun look at bodies. How does a body fit together? What would we do if our bodies became muddled up? All bodies are different - yet special. Things we can do with our bodies; Our senses; Caring for our bodies - and other people’s. Lively music accompanies this great show which links to Child Protection. Glove, rod, mouth, shadow and Bunraku-style puppets encourage language and audience participation.

Body Parts

Through the eyes of today’s child. Acceptance of the rich culture of the Kaurna people. Family, learning, stories, the land and the relationship of the people to the land. Presented using different puppet types as well as storytelling and songs. Meeting with Elders and SAAE&T was an integral part of producing this show. Kaurna songs and music used with permission. Beautiful "children" puppets, Crystal and Jack are fun, modern day kids with strong links to their past through family. Our puppets encourage language and audience participation.

Meeting Kaurna

Animals galore! Monkey tricks! An elephant with a snuffly trunk! A lion who wants to sleep! Stunning "Great Apes" are loads of fun, a hungry Boa Constrictor and stunning shadow puppets. Animal antics keep us amused throughout the show. An excellent show for very young children.

In the Wild In the Wild

Journey into the wonderful world of puppets and puppetry.  Introduces all puppet types in an entertaining and informative way.  Communication of ideas and themes is through puppet movement (many pieces are non-dialogue) which creates wonderful theatre & encourages imagination.  Great insights into the world of puppets and puppetry - Sue shares her wealth of knowledge at age appropriate levels.

Puppet Stuff

With the assistance of delightful puppet characters, we explore our feelings and how to express them. This show gently deals with issues such as "Inclusion in play"; Everybody is different, but special; Being a friend; and Saying "Stop!". Themes: "We all have the right to be safe all the time" and "No matter what happens, we can always tell somebody".

I Feel Fine, How About You?

Fabulous creatures, large and small, endear themselves to us. Hettie, the Heterodontosaurus arrives to intro the show. Meet a baby Apatosaurus, Kath the cave woman and woolly mammoth, protoceratops and corythosaurus as well as a suite of stunning shadow puppets and two comical glove puppet dinosaurs. Children delight in this show which has beautiful quieter moments as well as inducing much laughter.

Dinosaur Discovery Dinosaur Discovery Dinosaur Discovery

Is a celebration of puppets from many different cultures. Mini Lion Dance, Chinese gloves, Indian String, Indonesian Rod, Irish dancing stick puppet, Czech marionettes, to name a few. Authentic puppets and music are demonstrated and integrated into the show.

Around the World

Laughter galore wrapped up in a Christmas package! Glove puppet booth show; beautiful shadow puppets, a mischievous mouth puppet who causes mayhem; and will Baby Roo receive a visit Christmas Eve? A popular way to celebrate the end of the year.

Christmas Capers

we go - home to fabulous puppet frogs, birds, fish & coloured macro-invertebrate shadow puppets. This idyll is shattered when Kev., his dog and pet fish arrive. How can we restore the environment? Also meet two Bunyip friends, Bud & Ollie. Water conservation is a BIG issue for our glove puppets. Just how much garbage is left after re-cycling and composting? This show is produced in consultation with KESAB & Water Watch.

Up the Creek Up the Creek



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