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Sue Harris Puppets has a range of workshop and performance pieces suited to the secondary curriculum. For example:


Sue Harris Puppets has a variety of resources and conducts workshops and performances which support Studies of Asia in Schools.

ASIAN  ODYSSEY  Journeys to various Asian countries.  Performance includes:

  • Bunraku-style performing (Japan)
  • Wayang Golek - Rod puppet performing (Indonesia)
  • Wayang Kulit - Shadow puppet performing (Indonesia)
  • Kathputli Marionettes string puppet performing (India)
  • Glove puppet performing (China)
  • Mini Lion Dance performing (China)

Plus demonstrating: Vietnamese Water Puppet, Wayang Golek rod manipulation (Indonesia), Wayang Kulit shadow manipulation (Indonesia), Wayang Klithik flat rod manipulation (Indonesia), Balinese shadow, Nepali marionettes string

Sue Harris has been a presenter at the Studies of Asia Graduate Diploma course Flinders University, South Australia.

Sue is an accredited private service provider for professional development for the Education Department.


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