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Travelling Tales

Travelling Tales


Children sending books to other children

Travelling Tales™ is a South Australian literacy project. Its aim is to take story and picture books into the homes of children who do not own or access books on a regular basis. Children who live in low socio economic or remote and isolated areas often do not own many or any books.

Travelling Tales™ encourages children to donate a book which travels across the state to another child.

Books are collected by a school or pre-school community and delivered via department courier system. Donor schools and pre-schools are partnered with recipient centres for long-term community relationships.

No costs involved for either donor or recipient centres, but long-term benefits for all participants.

The Early Years Band of the SACSA Framework has five main learning areas – futures, identity, interdependence, thinking and communication. Essential to each of these is the ability to communicate.

"Language is the way we communicate with others. It helps us to understand ourselves and to make sense of the world. Reading is an important way to learn language and learn about the world."

Parenting SA.

"Literacy is a human right, a tool of personal empowerment and a means for social and human development. Educational opportunities depend on literacy."

UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization.

"Every time we experience a story we learn more about ourselves as well as the world around us. Embrace a story and we have a friend for life."

Sue Harris. Public Liaison, Storytelling Guild of Australia. SA

Picture a group of adults smiling, reminiscing about a favourite book they owned as a child. One person silent, reminiscing, I never had one.˜Travelling Tales™ is an opportunity to make a difference; an opportunity to create community partnerships and for children to participate in a meaningful way. Why not make this an annual Book Week or Children's Week event.

Step 1: Register your centre by filling out the attached form
Step 2: Begin gathering books today
Step 3: We will send contact details to both recipient and donor centres

We encourage centres and schools to maintain contact for an ongoing partnership.

The following book inserts are for children to colour and decorate. The plates are to assist children's understanding that their book is travelling to another child.

If the children in your centre or school are in need of books in their homes, please register your centre and we will be pleased to partner you with another pre-school or school.

Travelling Tales™ is a project created solely for the benefit of children.  Sue Harris Puppets receives no funding or monies for this project and meets all administrative costs as part of its social responsibility. 



Travelling Tales



'Travelling Tales' Registration

Name of Centre:


Contact Person:




We would like to DONATE books:

We would like to RECEIVE books for our children to take home: YES / NO

We would like to be partnered with another pre-school / school locally:

We would like to be partnered with another pre-school / school from a different region (ie city partnered with country):

We are prepared to maintain an on-going partnership:

This can only be a once-off project:

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sue Harris Puppets thanks you for your support and participation. This project could not happen without your generosity.




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