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Artist in Residence

Sue Harris Puppets can deliver short residency programs.

  • Puppetry
  • Storytelling
  • Face painting
  • Mask making

Themes: together we can design a program to suit your needs

  • Projects within schools and the community
  • Projects are process based
  • Available for both country and metropolitan
  • From one-day workshops to extended residencies
  • Programs designed to suit needs of individual groups & stake-holder requirements


Sue Harris Puppets recognises:

  • Children are a culture unto themselves
  • They are characterised by their age, size, physicality and have distinctive traits
  • Within their culture, children have a variety of beliefs and values
  • Multiculturalism exists within their society they have cultural diversity
  • The cultural heritage of each student
  • The importance of equity and equality of ideas and values and their transmission
  • The importance of communication of differing points of view and those differences accepted – allowing for cultural democracy
  • The importance of the group to have self-identification, self-representation and self-determination
  • A process to be used which allows for a safe environment in which cultural expressions can be exchanged democratically.

(Sue has facilitated residencies on the following themes: Asthma Awareness; Asian Focus; Breads & Cereals; Mask Making; Sexual Harassment; Harassment; Come Out Festival; Puppetry; Into the Future; Other cultures and many more!)

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