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Let's Play Puppets

Puppets have great appeal to children and are an excellent means of expression. Puppet play stimulates imagination and emotional intelligence. It also encourages listening, speaking and sharing language. These are basics elements in children's literacy development.

Children can use puppets for free form play, or for creating playlets and stories. Puppets can be performed solo or in a group.

Let's Play Puppets is a series of CDs and books intended to assist teachers and parents introduce puppets and puppet movement to young children through storytelling. It can also be adapted for use by those with special needs.


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Titles in the series

Let's Visit Australia
Let's Visit Australia: 1
Let's Visit Australia: 2


Let's Visit Africa
Let's Visit Africa: 1
Let's Visit Africa: 2


Let's Visit Asia
Let's Visit Asia

Let's Visit Snow


Let's Visit the Farm
Let's Visit the Farm

Let's Visit Pets

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